Vochel Brand and Founders History

Vochel Jewelry is a brand of stainless steel, water-resistant jewelry created in 2020
We are passionate about creating unique and personalized designs, handmade with love, accessible and of high quality
Our purpose is to inspire women through our jewelry, with each piece they can expresses their individuality and feels unique using accesories that combine with their style in the day to day and last over time.
Vochel is created by mother and daughter Evelyn and Claudya. 

Since 2011 we discovered our passion for redesigning accessories that we already had and adapting them to our style, so we decided to create our own brand of accessories from Venezuela.

In 2019 we settled in the United States and decided to follow our dreams and Vochel Jewelry was born.

Together we are inspired by those girls who like to elevate their outfit with those small details that make the difference such as jewelry. Our purpose is that our Vochel Girls feel elegant and shine with their own style in their day to day!

Our motto is:

"Accessories are a complement but whoever uses them gives them life"